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We Have officially moved! New address - 1570A S Mahaffie Circle, Olathe, KS 66062  ####  Crossroads Classic tournament...May 2-4...registration open  ####  

General Information


The Rush Adult Soccer League has 2 league, COED Over 21 and Men's Over 40.  With multiple leagues and great facilities any player is sure to find a good fit and continue to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.  Please see below for more details on each league.

Individual player registrations are welcome along with full team registrations for all leagues.

All leagues will play at the beautiful all natural grass facility, Lone Elm Soccer park. 

To take advantage of the largest Adult Soccer League in Kansas, please contact Dan Naidu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coed Over 21 League (8V8) - Sunday afternoon matches
The COED Over 21 League plays two separate seasons during the year, Fall and Spring.  The cost of each season is $75 per player, and each team plays 8 games including a playoff game to determine the league champion (if odd number of teams 8 regular season games will determine champion). 

Men's Over 40 League (8V8) - Sunday afternoon matches
The Men's Over 40 League plays two separate season, Fall and Spring. All games will be played at Lone Elm Park on Sunday afternoons. Registration is $75 per player and each team will play 8 games during the season. 

Registration Refund Policy:
$25 of each registration is non-refundable. No refund will be given after the first game of the season. Letters of credit may be issued at a pro-rated amount after the first game of the season and are good only for the following season's registration. Registrants who are unable to be placed on a team by Kansas Rush will receive a full refund.

 Parents will be given a refund request form, which must be filled out completely and returned to the office manager. It will then be submitted to the club's treasurer. Refunds may take up to thirty days to receive.

Returned Check Policy:
A $25 fee will be collected on all returned checks, in addition to the amount owed from the original check. The total amount should be submitted to Kansas Rush within 10 days of notification of the returned check. Failure to pay the fees within 10 days of notification will result in the cancellation of the registration.

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